carson-lee-holly-walker-ashley-wren-collins-hal-robinson-768x520The last few weeks have been quite the stressful blur.  Wonderfully so in that I accepted a rather surprising opportunity to play Don in Paula J. Kaplan’s new play Shades at the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to make my off-Broadway debut with this talented cast and crew!  Under the direction of my wonderful friend Alex Keegan, I’m joining Holly Walker, Ashely Wren Collins & Hal Robertson to help bring to life a story about the fallout of war for veterans when they return home and how they do or do not address the experiences they’ve had.  Often times, they return to find inadequate care, long term effects, and a difficulty communicating with the ones that they love the most.  My character, Don, fought in Vietnam and now finds himself suffering from the after effects Agent Orange, the herbicide the military used extensively in the war.  He finds himself very much at odds not only with his anti-war, nurturing-to-the-point-of-smothering sister but also with whether or not he can maintain his faith in his country and military that may have been to blame.  Dr. Kaplan has had an extensive, clinical psychology background working with these great men and women who returned from war and it is truly an honor to help address some of the issues that they have experience whether on the front lines or the home front.   The Cherry Lane’s history needs no introduction and is located in probably one of the most picturesque neighborhoods (the West Village) in New York City.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with these fantastic people and I hope you come check it out!  We run until December 17th.  For details: