2015 was the year of the acting re-boot for me.  After taking a couple of years off to focus on other opportunities for my wife and I, it was time to jump back into the fray.  I felt a unique interest in new works in film, television, & theater and it was exciting to be a part of three world premiere theater projects this year!

Office Politics, by Marcy Lovitch, was my first endeavor where I took on the role of Bruce, the hotshot salesman for a Manhattan ad agency.  Long View Theater produced and we ran this world premiere for three weeks in June at the June Havoc Theater in Manhattan.  Bruce was a wonderful opportunity to get into a rather unlikeable, antagonistic character and help bring to life a play that discusses how race relations, even in contemporary society, still presents us with many hurdles.  Wonderful cast and crew and I was so happy to be apart of it.

Following that, I met with Lori Kay, of Prevail Artist Management.  Though our years in the hospitality industry, Lori and I became friends but she approached me with an interesting proposition: how about we work together? She had just started Prevail and was looking for new clients to the tent pitched.  Friendship being the best basis for any professional relationship, I gladly took the opportunity to work with her and joined the roster.  Lori is a savoy go-getter and someone who’s perspective will, no doubt, be of great assistance moving forward.  Couldn’t be happier to be a part of Prevail Artist Management.

With an ally now in tow, I pressed on and, later in the summer, landed two small roles on Mysteries at the Museum on Travel Channel and I’d Kill For You with DiscoveryID. Check me out playing a WWII war hero in Mysteries:

InnAtLakeDevineGroup2Following my first forays into TV, I added another world premiere to the resume, playing Nelson Berry in The Inn At Lake Devine.  Based on Elinore Lipman’s 1998 novel of the same name, it tells the story of a young Jewish girl from Connecticut who develops a relationship to the Berry family while visiting their Vermont summer resort.  Upon her visit she deduces that Ingrid Berry, the matriarch of the family, operates her 1960’s era resort under a tacit policy of “Gentiles only.”  Upstart as she is, though, Natalie goes back to the resort ten years later to find tragedy and, with it, a new love.  It was a pleasure to work with such wonderful cast, ably directing by Kimberly Faith Hickman, and for 3 weeks we practically sold out every show!

With so much going on, it was refreshing to finally have a chance to sit down for a few days but, keeping with the re-boot mission, Lory Kay and I decided it was time to also incorporate a new, web-based approach to assist us.  First order of business was to update the head shots.  I landed with photographer Lauren Toub and could not have been happier!  A wonderful woman with an even more wonderful eye, she hit the nail square on the head and it was terrific working with her.

Second order of business was to finally sit down, with the help of my good friend Christianne Greiert, and come up with a quality actor website.  Simple, clean, and to the point, I feel great about finally getting this beast up and running.  Thanks again, Christianne!

ClassMother2With the the re-boot near completion, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add one more world premiere to the old resume: Class Mother by Rachel Mann.  Directed by Alex Keegan and part of the Venus & Adonis Festival in NYC, it was a classic story of how the personal lives and parenting choices of two Upper West Side couples get intertwined and messy.  I played the role of David, a husband who is trying to walk the fine line of supporting his wife’s contemporary parenting blog while helping navigate past the inevitable conflict that the blog has caused with the 3rd grade class mother at their daughters school.  Out of the massive amount of participants in the Venus & Adonis Festival, we were selected as one of six finalists for Best Play and I was one of six nominated for my acting work as David.  Another wonderful experience working with a great cast, director & writer.  Cheers!

Throughout the winter I continued to do industrial, commercial and voice-over work and that brings us to the here and now.  Re-boot complete, allies in tow, and looking forward to everything 2016 has to offer!  More to come.  Promise.